Alexander technique helps you move through life with ease, lightness and freedom.

Recognize this?

Your life is full, maybe with children, a busy job and a big circle of friends. Still, your body often gives you trouble:

  • You lift your children a lot or you are behind the computer for long stretches of time. This often causes pain in your neck, shoulders or back. Your body sometimes feels stiff and rigid
  • You have an injury and cannot seem to get rid of it
  • Sometimes you can’t stop worrying. You’re stressed and sometimes it seems like you don’t have any control over your thoughts going round and round in your head
  • Your body often feels like it doesn’t belong to you. As if you don’t really inhabit it. You can’t come home to it anymore
  • Your breath is often high. As if you are stuck and can’t get out
    You can feel that you can’t really breathe freely, but you’re unable to release what blocks it  yourself
  • You notice you are very tense when you have to perform (a presentation at work, or a concert or stage performance) and you can’t figure out what exactly is happening, let alone what you could do to fix this

You also know the importance of looking after yourself and your body, but you can’t seem to find the right ‘entrance’ to calm yourself down.

Meditation, yoga, physiotherapy: you have tried lots of things, but your problems always return.

How would it be if …?

  • You would be pain free in your daily life and could learn how to stay that way
  • You could move in a light, free and smooth way and could learn how to keep it that way
  • You would experience more calm and less tension throughout the day
  • You would know and understand your body so well that you would notice much sooner when you’ve reached your limits
  • You would be more free and less fearful during your performances or presentations, and would have the tools to develop that freedom further and further

What you want most of all is to have a ‘holiday feeling’ every day: that light and carefree feeling that everything will be all right. Your head empty. Finally!
* deep sigh of relaxation *

I can teach you all that.

I am Doris and I’m an Alexander technique teacher.

Alexander technique teaches you to create space. In your joints, but also in your whole body, your breath, your head. In the way you experience the world.

You learn this by consciously reorganising the communication between your brain and the rest of your body. Usually, this means that you give yourself mental direction to do less.

You learn to leave yourself alone. And that brings about stillness and space.

At the same time, this technique teaches you to be much better coordinated with much less effort and much greater ease. Everything becomes easier, lighter and freer.

More about Alexander technique

The lessons with Doris are a pleasant resting point in the week. Doris always has all the time and attention of the world, and she radiates tranquility. She teaches the lessons in a not dogmatic way with a great sense of humour.

I came to Doris with the question: will it be possible for me to play the cello without shoulder pain? In fact, my question was broader than that, because I didn’t just have shoulder pain when I played the cello but also for instance when I worked on the computer.

The course with Doris has made me much more conscious of what’s happening in my body and what things I do unconsciously, for instance tensing up my muscles unnecessarily. I discovered that the problem is not in playing the cello, but I my posture during other activities like my work. Through the lessons with Doris, I learned to pay attention to my posture and how I use my body throughout the day. Doris let me experience how body and mind are connected. Alexander technique is about the body and the spine in particular but can also be applied to the mental domain. For instance, I became aware that it is better to ‘stop’ every now and then, which means to literally pause and zoom out instead of reacting immediately. I apply this when I play the cello but also in my work.

With Doris, I learned what I can do to feel comfortable in myself and to avoid shoulder and neck problems. She also gave me very good tips for playing the cello.

The lessons with Doris are a pleasant resting point in the week. Doris always has all the time and attention of the world, and she radiates tranquility. She teaches the lessons in a not dogmatic way with a great sense of humor.

I concede to everyone with physical and/or stress related issues to give themselves some attention with the help of Alexander technique lessons with Doris.

Marjolein, psychiatrist

Course offerings

EaseUp proefpakket

Taste of freedom

If Alexander technique is new to you, I advise you to take some lessons to try it out first. Most people need a bit of time to get used to this technique and to really feel and notice how it works and what it can do.

That’s why I offer a short series of ‘taste and try’ lessons rather than 1 separate lesson. With a discount, of course.

EaseUp vliegende start

Dive right in

This package is for those who, after the ‘Taste of freedom’ lessons, feel strongly that yes, this is for me! Those who now want to dive in thoroughly. To get to experience more space and freedom and to learn how to generate it yourself. Creating a good solid foundation will save you money and time. And that is what you will do with this package.

EaseUp performers pakket

Performer’s ease

Are you a professional musician, performer, actor or dancer? Then this package deal is for you. Together, we will dive into the way Alexander technique can help you not only in your performances, but also in the way you prepare for them. So that you can move, play and communicate more freely onstage and experience more peace and space in your daily life.

About me

I am Doris Hochscheid. As a young girl I fell in love with the cello. After 10 years of playing as a professional cellist, my body started to give me trouble. All that cello playing was taking its toll. Then I discovered the Alexander technique and that opened not only my eyes, but my whole body.

From that moment, playing didn’t feel as if I had to work hard any more. Instead, I could as it were ‘let the music flow through me’. It was, and still is magic.

Now I also teach other people how to move effortlessly and freely.

Doris Hochscheid